Blackberry Price In UAE- Agitated About The Security Check

Blackberry price lowers down due to special discount being offered at This online shopping paradise showers its customers with deals and discounts worth every dime. Just visit this one-stop shopping portal to grab exquisite deductions presented at all times. We are sure you will love this shopping experience as it fits every individual’s budget. Don’t stop for a second thought; click and shop now!

Have you been a blackberry fan? Do you love the discern features from QWERTY to wide screen BB has to offer each time? Well if yes, here you go with another model that has struck users. It is the Blackberry Passport. However the latest news heard is related to the safety measures for all the BB users. Blackberry remained quiet for several months back by offering a highly secure messaging for the enterprise market. Protected BBM is the name of this application uses the FIPS 140-2 standard, computer standard of the US government. The Blackberry price in UAE should have hiked after the news, but we are glad it didn’t!

The Canadian company is standard and considered “the safest and most reliable” of all those available on the market. Messages sent by a user are encrypted on the device before being authenticated and then decrypted on the recipient’s device. This new application is launched when BlackBerry smartphone pioneer dethroned by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android system, fighting for survival. The group is trying to reinvent itself by focusing particularly on its popular messaging service it wants to meet the specific security needs of industries and sectors such as banking, finance, and health care.

After record losses last year, the company has adopted new management and has outsourced the manufacturing of its phones from the Taiwanese company Foxconn. BlackBerry has always focused on the security of instant messaging to distance itself from its competitors. Users definitely feel secure and graded while using their BB. No matter where you are, what are you priorities or concerns while using the blackberry set- you will love this BB secure version for sure! The company, however, has often collaborated in the past with police who wanted access to individual customer’s messages. You know where to stop and shop to fetch up lowest Blackberry price in UAE.


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