Feel Free To Compare And Decide- LG Mobile Phones Price in UAE

Web, photos, videos, music, your LG mobile phone can access all your files and all your usual applications like on your computer. For photos and videos, discover LG mobile phones price in UAE at Crazydeals.com. The LG G3 is offered at an amazing discount price of 1299 AED with free shipping. LG G3 dual-Sim allows you to share and watch your best photos and videos directly on your 3D TV.


To rotate the whole, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 400 under the hood of LG G3. It is clocked at 1.2GHz and backed by 1GB of RAM. This is a fairly standard configuration for the 2014 range of backgrounds. However, while LG’s interface is not renowned for being one of the best, here it seems to weigh too much on the configuration in question. It might have been wiser for LG to offer 2 GB of RAM. As it stands, if the G3 S appears quite fluid, purists may not help find it behaving a little “soft”. For example, the interface of the Moto G 2014 is more vivid. This does not prevent the LG model to run most applications on Google Play, including 3D games. The color rendition proves honest, with tones that seem fair, with pleasant contrasts; at least as long as the lighting conditions are good with such an array of LG mobile phones price in UAE.


The G3 S fits a notch below the G3. It features an 8MP sensor. The manufacturer has nevertheless renewed the famous laser autofocus. In practice, if this option is effective enough to actually watch out for and they correct the point faster than the competition, it will still not be expected to find the same reaction as the G3. As mentioned also the G3 S is slower, and this is also noticeable when shooting sessions. So, the interest of laser autofocus here, appears less obvious. Side rendering, the level of detail is logically a little behind, even if it is perfectly acceptable given the positioning of the unit. With its 2540 mAh battery, the LG G3 S offers a battery life of a day and a half. Visit the web portal to compare LG mobile phones price in UAE.


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