Go For Smooth Navigation and Good Endurance with Blackberry Price In UAE

When it comes on Blackberry producing finest QWERTY phones, indubitably one can’t beat the rest. In the UAE, you can click on to Crazydeals.com to find the best deal hands on Blackberry price in UAE. The advantage of the Blackberry OS 10 is the fluidity of navigation in the menus provided, to which the Leap does not escape. The integrated processor, a double heart Qualcomm 1.5 GHz, is not particularly powerful but still coupled with solid 2 GB of RAM- more than enough to lead the mobile. The Leap does not pretend to substitute for a games console.


This is primarily a Smartphone waited on professional practice or even a few consumer uses (photo, video) and within this framework; it did not fail in its mission. Announced by its designer as a very enduring model, BB Leap comes to rank in models with very satisfactory autonomy. With the big 2800 mAh battery, it reaches almost 17 hours on call, 11 am Web surfing or 9:30 in video playback. But with a little more from 7 am to our new versatile called self-test, the Leap does, however with no sparks. But again, this is not about multimedia uses (often more resource-intensive) that await the most. In any case, 25 hours of mixed use announced necessarily include large periods. Anyway, the Smartphone is equipped to pass the course of the day. You can get the best Blackberry price in UAE.

With only 8 megapixel sensor, the Blackberry Leap simply shows stunning photo quality. Land on which BlackBerry is certainly generally not bad, but on which we did not think would shine much with a model considered as an entry. The photographs are net rather rich details and attractive in color, as long as there is sufficient light. In the video, this is not bad either, although very slight deformation effects on moving objects and a perfectible stabilization. In low light, the Leap has even surprised us with its results rather correct. The latter is supposed to greatly improve call quality audio transcribing each variation of the voice of his interlocutor. In theory, it offers better grip to the phone antenna. The technology also provides better 4G connection with less impact on the battery when the cover is not optimal. Get Blackberry price in UAE- online.


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