Bombarding An Array Of Latest Motorola Phones In Dubai

The new 4G Motorola phones in Dubai model is simply a slightly modified version, as explained below. Released in March of this mobile was distinguished by its quality / price quite exceptional for a device from among a large manufacturer. Since then, water has flowed under the bridge; competition has put in working order and the Moto G 4G launch took place back in 2014. Note in passing that the latter has a slightly larger 5 “display and a dual SIM feature, but it ignores 4G. To return to the Moto G 4G, know that it offers HD IPS screen 4.5 inch (1280 x 720 px), a quadruple heart Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz, Adreno 305 graphics chip and 1 GB RAM. Capture pictures and video is provided by a main sensor 5MP, capable of shooting in a maximum resolution 720p. For video conferencing, the Smartphone features a 1.3MP sensor face.

Note that the Motorola manufacturer has still taken the time to erase the rare machine defects such as lack of memory card slot. The Moto G 4G therefore accepts microSD up to 32GB. In contrast, only 8 GB version is sold at € 199. For the record, it was the price of the 16GB version of the first Moto G. The autonomy of the Moto E Motorola phones in Dubai is satisfactory without being extraordinary. In our tests, we were able to take about twelve hours of use which included some intensive tasks like 3D gaming sessions or photo capture. With a more moderate use, it must meet the 15h, but on a permanent task mobilizing screen as video playback, you come at 6:30 for a movie in H264 format, read with the default player, 100% screen, sound activated 50% and Wi-Fi.
The first 4G Moto G Motorola phones in Dubai is the kind of Smartphone that recommends a split second to anyone looking for a cheap and good mobile performing. We are especially disappointed by the quality of the screen, a point on which Motorola is yet rarely as obvious sacrifices. The slab is readable but the viewing angles are limited and the colors a bit bland. And the price is not bad although it is hoped that updates will fix some bugs encountered during our test.


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