Blackberry Leap 16GB 4G LTE Black: A terrific mobile device

Are you a person who wants the best in Blackberry phones in the Middle-East via If yes then the Blackberry Leap 16GB 4G LTE Black will be a good choice for you. From the moment of its release, the device is categorized among those phone items that have a bit low price. Also, several admirers of the phone say that its low price is surely an attraction factor. And if you are interested in this awesome device, read on. Here is a detailed look at it:

A Look at the phone

The Blackberry Leap in UAE supports Bluetooth v4.0 alongside MP3 player. This means that you can easily enjoy to your preferred songs, so isn’t this great? And among other phones having a low price, the object is also great since it has an organizer, BlackBerry maps as well as MP4 player.

Some other features

The device has an 8MP autofocus camera with which you can take some sharp pictures and videos. It also features vibration alert type, so now you can silent this gadget if you are in a meeting, or at any other place where you cannot allow it to noise up. The gadget has a weight of 170 grams and has 5 inch display screen that gives you a clear view of all of its icons and other important images. Compared with other low priced phones, this item is also wonderful because it has 16GB storage capacity that can be expanded to 128GB, thanks to its micro SD card slot.

Lastly, if you have decided to opt for the Blackberry Leap 16GB in UAE, it will be great if you read many of its reviews that are present online. By doing so, there chances are that you will read many things that will support you in utilizing the device in a much better manner.


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