Samsung galaxy note 5: Is it better than other smartphones?

It is really hard to make a choice of a smartphone when there are many options available. Nowadays, there is an intensified race among all brands to bring forth the best phones. All of the latest phones are featured with the enhanced camera pixels, measured in larger display screens, boosted up battery life, and integrated with the best-operating systems. Given such choices, even an expert will need some time to decide. Therefore, many experts suggest purchasing popular brands. In today’s article, we will thoroughly review Samsung galaxy note 5 and compare it with other rival smartphones available on the market. Supposedly, it will go a long way in helping you make a right choice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 versus Samsung galaxy note 4:

Samsung’s new flagship was launched in the last week of July 2015. It has split Samsung users into two camps – some users are excited about this launch and others are a bit reserved. The reason why Note 5 gets over the other smartphone is because of its superb build quality. Here, the build should not be confused with the “design”. The design is a totally different thing. If you look at Note 5, you will see that it looks sturdier and unable to be broken. Hence, it leaps over Note 4 in terms of the build. It is not a bad thing to say that Note 5 looks like galaxy S6. But, Note 5 comes with an aluminum back and gorilla front and rear glass 4.

Another factor that gives Note 5 an advantage over Note 4 is its superlative display quality. When it comes to the display of Note 5, it takes Samsung to the new level of design. It has become a real crowd pleaser phone. It has 5.7 inches large display protected by gorilla glass 4.

Samsung galaxy note 5 versus iPhone 6S Plus:

These two biggest smartphones go head to head. Although Samsung has not been able to beat Apple in terms of designs in the past, now Note 5 has beaten iPhone 6S plus. Even though both phones are enormously stylish, it can arguably be said that Note 5 is a better phone with back gorilla glass. Fingerprint magnet is also superb.

As far as display is concerned, Note 5 has 5.7 inches display coupled with the super AMOLED display. Plus, it has a great 518-pixel density. On top of that, the AMOLED display is bright. In terms of specs, 2.1 GHz, Core Exynos and 4 GB RAM translate into a beastly performance. Hence, Note 5 is a far better choice.

Last but not least, Samsung galaxy note 5 price in UAE is 12% off. It means that you can also save 300 AEDs on its price straightaway.


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