Samsung galaxy note 5: Grasp 12% off right now!

Every year brings hundreds of choices and options of smartphones. When there are a lot of choices of phones, you can grasp good discounts. But, it is hard to make a right decision. Interestingly, Samsung has brought forth a couple of phones this year. Both S6 and Note 5 are the best phones when it comes to designs and specs. In the last week of July 2015, Samsung launched Note 5. It is the best-selling phone right now. Thousands of units of the phone have been sold out. If you are wondering what is so different and unique about this phone, we will discuss its specs here.

To begin with, a large display screen is always liked by users. When you have a large screen at your disposal, you can watch HD videos and play games on it. You do not need a laptop when you have such a phone. Moreover, it is a portable device that can be carried around without being felt in your pocket. As compared to other phones, there are many interesting things in this phone such as good camera, enhanced battery life, large display, and affordable price.

As far as Samsung galaxy note 5 price in UAE is concerned, the online store is the best place where you shop effortlessly. For instance, has launched a good discount of 12% off. It means that you can save 300 AEDs on it. So, look no further and visit the aforementioned store right now. Many great deals to avail!


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