Shop online Samsung Galaxy S3 in UAE and avail discount!

How often do you change your smart phone? Some people tend to change their phones every six months. Does it happen with you that you get fed up with your phone after a couple of months? That happens with many teenagers as they get more accustomed to their gadgets. That instant, they feel like changing their gadget as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in UAE – although not a recent model, has won over people’s hearts in terms of its availability at affordable price of 949 AED. Isn’t it alluring price that makes you feel irresistible? Well, Samsung has introduced a latest phone recently featured in fabulous features and specs. Can you name it? Yes, it is Galaxy Note 4. But if you look at the features of Samsung Galaxy S3, you will not look any further. Whether you have decided to choose Galaxy S4, you won’t be remorseful even if you end up choosing Galaxy S3.

Although S4 has been released, those trying to seek bargains may still look for S3. Launched in May 2012, the phone has still many features which are loved by tech savvy people. Those who have not owned any smart phone before, they may also seriously think about buying Samsung Galaxy S3 in UAE. Another significant point is that the phone price is as low as 37% off.

If you talk about features and specs of this smart phone, it is hewn with a bigger AMOLED screen of 4.8 inches. The key features of the phone are 8 and 1.2 mega pixels of back and front camera respectively. On top of that, you will have options in choices of memory capacities such as 16, 32 and 64 GB. The phone responds to your smile and focuses on it. The quad-core processor along with A7 chipset, furthermore, adds up to the beauty of the phone.

In the last but not the least, it is no wrong to say that if you purchase Galaxy S3; you will be able to have your hands on the best technology and save up to 550 AED, at least. So, when are you shopping Samsung Galaxy S3 in UAE online?


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