Buy Huawei honor 6 price at 1199 AEDs only!

As the New Year 2016 is round the corner, the prices of all brands of smartphones are amazingly discounted now. If you step up the online store, you will be able to browse different phones and compare their specs and prices as well. It won’t require a lot of time. is the best online store that has earned a lot of fame over a short span of time. Currently, this store has announced up to half price discounts on almost everything. For instance, if you happen to buy Huawei honor 6 price in Dubai from this store, you can save 800 AEDs easily and effortlessly. Yes, it is available at just 1199 AEDs. On top of that, get it delivered at your doorstep within just one day. Isn’t it amazing?

It is an ordinary phone. It is rather packed with wonderful specifications and features that will interest you very much. To begin with, 5.5 inches large display is like a theater stage where you can play HD videos and songs. While playing car racing games on it, you will feel it real. Thanks to its LCD display, the result is amazing. Are you wondering about the camera? It is awesome, it is packed with 8 megapixels both rear and front-facing snapper. Aren’t you surprised? Do you want huge storage that satisfies your craze for more and more songs? Worry not. There is 32 GB internal storage coupled with 3 GB RAM. So, grasp the opportunity and redefine your experience on the phone!


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