HTC Mobile Price In UAE- New And Improvised

At HTC mobile price that is 1599AED with 2840 mAh battery, HTC M9 is a little less powerful than other current flagships. However, the smartphone is holding a day of relatively heavy use. For example, as we spent calls for about an hour, watch videos and use the smartphone with the data connection constantly activated during this test. Since the same screen guard HTC particular, we would have thought that the software optimizations since the M8 would have improved the autonomy of the M9, it is not. While not catastrophic, the battery of the M9 is not really good. By cons, this defect was partly overtaken by the fast reload, after allowing 10 minutes plugged in using their smartphone for 2 hours. The full charge takes about 2 hours.


The HTC One M9 is a solid high-end smartphone, there’s no doubt about that. The problem is that on some issues HTC seems to have rested on its laurels. If the M8 One stood out from the competition with its innovative and unique design in the Android world, the M9 has barely changed and melts in the mass of new flagships. The HTC Sense 7 has some advantages, particularly in terms of fluidity. The BoomSound technology is also surprising, the smartphone’s audio quality is very good and surpasses the competition.


The One M9 is very powerful, it is beautiful, but its features and some details, combined with the lack of innovation, we cannot give it more than three and a half stars. If its design please do not hesitate, you probably will not be disappointed. HTC should propose a more successful smartphone, and not just a widget and a square camera sensor as per HTC mobile price in UAE.


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