LG Magna Price in UAE: A Smartphone to fall in Love with

As soon as you buy a new smartphone, you feel satisfied with its feature and probably think that for at least a year, you will not be buying another phone. But things completely go against your wishes as you learn that there is a new smartphone device available in the market with enhanced features and high-quality design. You find it hard to resist the temptation to buy it and the next moment, you find yourself at a mobile phone market or browsing the internet in search of the latest mobile phone device, expecting better quality and overall functionality than the mobile phone you currently have. In this blog, we are introducing LG Magna LGH502F 8GB Dual SIM Black. Please visit us at Crazydeals.com to check LG Magna price in UAE and the specifications. Keep reading to find more information about this amazing phone.


Affordable Price

At our online store, this device is available for only AED549.00. This phone is reasonably priced and you can enjoy using its high-quality features. It has all the features of a modern-day smartphone device with little bit of changes to its core features here and there.

Dual SIM

This phone features dual SIM which can be very handy for you if you want to organize your contacts. You can use two SIM cards to separate contact numbers of your family members with those of your workplace colleagues. Having a dual SIM is important because it can help you during emergency situations as well. If you have run out of balance on one of the SIM cards of your phone, you can instantly switch to using another one, especially if there is an emergency situation.

5 Inches of Screen-Size

5 inches is quite good to have fun watching videos or favorite movies. You can also have fun taking pictures using the camera and view them afterwards on a large 5 inches screen of LG Magna LGH502F 8GB Dual SIM Black.


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