LG Magna price in UAE Highlights 7 Amazing Features

LG Magna price kicks from 599AED including free shipping ad returns via Crazydeals.com. LG has created a trademark with the now iconic ignition buttons and volume control on the back of the terminal. In addition to creating a strong visual identity with consumers, it brings a real pleasure to use.Although we are facing a mobile “all plastic”, the build quality is exemplary and the level of finish quite good.


  • The grip is excellent.
  • The curved back there definitely helps.
  • LG Magna’s performance is not outstanding.
  • Runs most 3D games and applications.
  • A micro SD slot will add up to 32GB of additional memory.
  • 5 inches (IPS) with 1280 x 720 pixels, so a 294ppp density.
  • 3.5 jack and rear mono speaker. Classic earpiece


In the LG Magna price in UAE, the back cover of the version tested, perfectly imitating brushed aluminum is Titan Black color but Magna is also available in white and golden. The screen occupies 70.5% of the front panel. Above it, there is the gate of the earphone, LED notifications, brightness sensors/proximity and the front camera.  No sensitive keys, since they are integrated into the screen and are tactile. The back of the device houses the camera sensor with his LED flash, power button, and volume buttons. Further down the gate of the speaker and the LG logo.
Once the rear cover removed, you will have access to the battery, the micro SIM slot, and micro SD slot. Although it is “only” HD Ready resolution, IPS screen provides a beautiful image quality. The views are very good angles and high brightness. The whites are purer and more natural color rendering with warm colors but without excess. So it is nice to watch videos on Magna. The speaker of a power of 1 W provides sound quality. The sound from the earpiece port is quite satisfactory. No complaints regarding the jack 3.5.


Because GPU is a bit dated, it is possible that when playing to very large 3D games, there are slight slowdowns. Anyway, the image will remain as fluid navigation through menus. Weak internal storage regrettably, since the initial 8GB, just under 3GB can be actually used.  With MediaTek MT6582 quad-core clocked at 1.3GHz, RAM: 1GB and GPU: Mali 400MP2. The storage of 8GB memory becomes 3GB when you first start. Click to know the LG Magna price in UAE.


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