LG Phone Price In UAE- The Many Faces Of This Giant

LG launched a device designed to compete with Galaxy note 5, it was called LG G4 note. This LG phone price starts from 1699AED at crazydeals.com. It was when Samsung has created a surprise by announcing that its latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 5, will not be marketed in Europe by the end of this year. Fortunately, consumers installed in the Old Continent could count on another device that, too, would come from another South Korean manufacturer.


Indeed, LG was working on Phablet upscale named LG G4 Note. It is designed to compete with the one that was presented by Samsung at IFA Berlin. Moreover, the existence of the device seems to have been proven by filing the trademark with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the organization that is responsible for patenting and trademarks in the States. Note that this action was even accompanied by a deposit logo.

What are the specifications for the LG Note G4?

It is still difficult to answer this question since no report has yet discussed the technical features of this LG G4 Note. Be aware that it should be much more powerful than the LG Stylus G4. As per the LG phone price in UAE, we consider it to be outstanding. The latter being a terminal that first appeared last April and which is positioned on the entry. To recall, it had a 5.7-inch display, a Snapdragon processor and 410 RAM 1 GB. The Galaxy Note 5, the device that the LG G4 Note is supposed to compete, meanwhile, has a slab of the same diagonal, except that the definition is much higher. It is also a matter of Exynos 7420 and a RAM 4 GB. All this gives us clues about what should be the technical specifications of LG G4 Note. Anyway, hope this trademark filing may mean that the device will arrive with a bang in the market.


LG displays its G Flex. What immediately catches the eye in the smartphone giant is the curved display. But that is not the only novelty. As the name of the G Flex suggests, the 6-inch display is not only bent but also flexible. Thus, there is by light pressure. Another advantage is supposed to be especially if the user accidentally puts on his Smartphone. LG thus guarantees greater stability with LG phone price in UAE. The “self-healing” backside coating, known internally as “Wolverine” is a novelty. This leaves small scratches as they arise frequently in everyday use, disappear. The display of the G flex is to follow the contours of the human face. So it reduces the distance between mouth and microphone, and should thus allow for improved voice quality. It’s the turn of LG by unveiling the LG V10.



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