Q5 Blackberry Price In UAE- Stands Out Steadily

Q5 Blackberry price hits up to as low as 549AED at carzydeals.com. No need to procrastinate long: the Q5 is the minimum of the sensor picture. Softness, sharpness, noise quite marked in dark areas as compared to blackberry Z10 and Q10, there is no picture: the rendered image of the Q5 is very indented. Faced with competition, the NPC also tested here offers little usable shots. Even for the facebook, email, it remains limited; and not really clean, evidenced by the strong presence of more color contour strips at some of the places.


The audio record of the headphone output is clean and offers a good dynamic. We find the speaker located on the bottom of the smartphone for amplifying the audio signal with your hand. The sound made is correct for this type of device but tends to saturate when you push a little volume. The BB Q10 takes a little more load than the Z10, which clearly does not shine by its autonomy.

The Blackberry Q5 is a little better and even one day can be achieved without rushing to a charger if we adopt reasonable use. Like his two older, the Q5 can see the gauge autonomy diminish fairly quickly even though the phone has spent several hours in airplane mode. The load is fortunately still here fast enough. In just two hours, the phone is fully charged. The grip is optimal network and entry into low places for mobility does not mean total loss of the network. The GPS is a little faster than the Z10 but remains below the latest high-end mobile. The Wi-Fi is solid. Conversations are clear throughout. Click to know the Q5 Blackberry price in UAE.


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