Smart scooter: Attention to what you buy this summer

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Smart scooter, more accurately described as self-balancing scooters are one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. But there is a growing concern for the safety of these vehicles. There are already thousands of videos available on sites like YouTube, and in many cases, personal vehicles have caused serious injury. In more extreme cases, cheap Smart scooter have exploded and caught fire, forcing Amazon to stop the sale of specific models and Overstock to stop all sales.

London and New York have taken steps to curb the use of Smart scooter on the City streets and sidewalks. Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for a Smart scooter:


What is a Smart scooter?

Technically, it is a levitating platform (which looks like a skateboard without wheels) that can be used for personal transportation.


How do they work?

Smart scooters have some basic components: a gyroscope to determine the step or the balance of the machine, engines that keep the balanced edge and move it forward, microprocessors for the management of output power to the motors and large batteries to power the device. The most important function is remaining upright. To do this, the vehicle microprocessors monitor the direction a rider is leaning. The gyroscope, also connected to the microprocessor, helps to collect information on the inclination of the table.

Engines within the power change board, maintain a balanced rider. Each smart scooter is different, it means that each uses a different battery, the set of microprocessors, and motors. Why are they so popular now? Shortly after, celebrities have been spotted riding this in many high-profile places.



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