Stop holding any longer- HTC One E9 Plus Meteor Gray Price In UAE

HTC One + E9 was the subject of instant rumors lately. For those who are skeptical about the authenticity of the phone and leaks, all that has been seen so far has been confirmed by HTC, when pictures of the device has been dumped into the market. So are you geared up to identify the HTC One E9 plus Meteor Gray price in UAE?

The HTC One M9 + would be announced, then there is a high probability that we also learn more about the HTC One E9 +, although the launch on site Web spoiled the surprise for everyone, unless they have no plans to announce the device in the event. That being said, the specifications on the website also confirmed some supposed specifications. The 5.5 inch QHD screen has been confirmed, but oddly, it would also be 1080p. It is possible that it refers to a HTC One E9 smaller, while the E9 + would have a qHD screen, like the HTC M9 which includes a 1080p resolution, while according to rumors, the One M9 + would have a qHD resolution .

The specifications also mentioned 2GB RAM instead of 3GB and a 13 megapixel camera against the NPC 20 megapixel we heard, but as we said, this could in reference to the HTC One E9, not the One E9 +. Anyway, hopefully we’ll know more so stay tuned for more info! However make sure to find the best HTC One E9 plus Meteor Gray price in UAE via online mode offering discounts as well as free shipping all over UAE.


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