LG G4 White in UAE- Cherry On The Cake

LG G4 white in UAE has obviously kept the same principle. This configuration allows fast, one-handed and in all circumstances the volume controls and power button. The user no longer needs to handle the smartphone on the sides to turn on the screen, for example. It also remains free inch of movement on the screen, since it does not need to exert a force on the opposite side to the physical buttons smartphone.


We find the microUSB socket and the headphone jack on the bottom edge of the smartphone. Note the presence of an infrared port on the top of the LG G4, it is very discreet and allows using the smartphone as a universal remote control, among others. The lack of physical buttons, hatches or other element provides a simple and elegant design to LG G4, in addition to improved ergonomics. The LG G4 white in UAE holds a screen curve and the relatively large battery explains the relative thickness of the device: 9.8 mm does not really end for a smartphone.

LG was the first manufacturer to offer a smartphone HD (1440 x 2560). The DCI (Digital Camera Initiatives) is a standard which aims to achieve a more natural color rendering than the usual RGB, most smartphones respect. Smart settings (smart settings) include features related to your location. The G4 can also automatically launch the music player of your choice when you are connecting a headset. Some features of LG G4 white in UAE have been: turbocharger, wireless charging Qi, heart rate or fingerprint scanner.


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