LG Magna Price in UAE- Beating the Rest

LG Magna price in UAE amazes the users in UAE. Learn more about LG’s commitment to offer an amazing product experience and respect for the environment always present. The LG Magna is one answer to all the questions. Grab your LG magna to ensure smart feat at an incredibly low price. The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is 0.601w/kg. This is an acceptable score in 2015. For several years, the South Korean manufacturer only produces mobile running Android and this is one massive administration. So here we have the latest update of the Google OS, namely Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.  It is an ultra-customizable operating system and very pleasant to use.


And on this very good OS, the brand has applied its wrapper house LG UX 4.0. With an overlay it owns flat design and very soft colors. The work of the South Korean manufacturer is not just this, because it also benefits from additional or modified applications.  Thus, there is this very good application QuickMemo that allows taking notes and working as Polaris document editor. The keyboard is customizable to wishes and height adjustable. As per the LG Magna price in UAE, the Magna is a modern Smartphone which can do anything you asked for.  Logically, therefore, it can make / receive calls, send / receive SMS / MMS / email, surf the Internet, listen to MP3s, watch videos, play most 3D games, etc.


Its dorsal photo sensor 8 megapixels is pretty convincing. At the front, there is a front camera of 5MP which will be used to achieve beautiful Selfies and making video call. As for autonomy, in “normal” use the LG Magna will hold no surprises a day before needing to be recharged. It’s a beautifully designed phone to be held in hands. A YouTube video of one hour will have consumed 30% of the energy contained in the battery. It’s a bit more than the average (20-25%) but this is acceptable. Overall, the LG Magna is a good Smartphone that has very good build quality, beautiful design and a beautiful screen. Unfortunately, with its LG Magna price in UAE, it lacks 4G and its ancient Mali graphics processor 400MP2 could frustrate big gamers.


We think that Magna will have difficulty finding its place between the LG Spirit and the LG G4 C as both are compatible with 4G LTE networks. Protect your LG Magna / H500 / H502 with promotional bags! This polycarbonate plastic shell tempered knocks and scratches to your phone to keep it in perfect condition.  The LG Magna is a quad-band GSM smartphone and 3G. Beside that include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, FM with RDS, a micro USB 2.0 port, a micro-SIM slot, a micro SD slot a 3.5 jack, etc. No NFC or infrared this Magna. Wish to compare LG Magna price in UAE?



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