Samsung Galaxy S6: Ditch The Flaws

Samsung Galaxy S6 Dubai features in the list of finest smartphones of the year 2015. There had been few speculations regarding either the fact is certain or not. Let’s see how! It comes with a great finish, outstanding design and assembly, excellent display, power mastered without significant overheating, good sound and good photo / video, uncluttered interface, self-correct, fast loading and induction. Isn’t that enough? The lower had been its availability in 32GB and no memory card slot to expand storage.


No more comfortable transition models of the Galaxy S, with its S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung finished shedding the initiative by the Alpha range and Note 4, then exit the removable battery in the memory card, the solid plastic sealing. All these features do enter the luxurious finishes. . Needless to say, a Samsung smartphone is more than just a removable battery and plastic shell.


How surprising it is that a premium Smartphones is offered in less than 3000 AED. Samsung draws inspiration from Apple and Sony and offers a beautiful piece of technology. On the high end, it is good to note that Samsung Galaxy S6 delivers a feeling, a premium quality. The first grip is also confusing with the impression to hold an iPhone or Xperia Z. Unlike these smartphones, Samsung S5 has beautiful round edges, gorilla glass 4 and everlasting impression.


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