Enliven your style with Microsoft phones in Dubai right now!

While there are already many choices of operating systems, technology geeks have become frustrated with similar designs and functions of the phone. Nowadays, there is a plethora of choices of smart phones – specified by similar designs and hackneyed features. If you are looking for some out of box phone such as Nonino Lamborghini, Microsoft phones in Dubai could prove to be niche devices for you. Since the launch of Lumia phones, Microsoft has conjured up excitement amongst tech followers. If you want to experience a unique phone, you are suggested to stay with us and learn about the latest smart phones.


Have you ever used a branded Microsoft phone before? Well, you will have been using phones just like iPhone or Blackberry. It is always good to give chance to other brands as well. It will improve competition and the world of smart technology will gallop towards better days of technology. Facing to future, Microsoft has launched many choices of the best brands so that everyone could enjoy the best technology. Here we will let you know about various Microsoft phones in Dubai which are not only affordable but they are also uniquely designed. Here the amazing phones are:

Microsoft Lumia 930 – It is irresistible to let you know about its features straightaway. While the phone is featured with 2.2 GHz of the processor, it gives a wonderful chance to users to avail a 2 GB of RAM. On top of that, do you remember that Microsoft always boasted of bringing a wonderful camera? Yes, this is the exactly the phone which is going to be specified by 20 mega pixels of back camera coupled with front camera of 5 mega pixels. The features do not end here but rather it is designed with an impressive 5.5 inches large display screen as well. So, there is every good reason to shop the best of best Microsoft phones in Dubai!

All those who complain about dearth of apps and games for windows phones, it is here brought in your kind knowledge that Microsoft is bringing windows 8.1 upgrade which replicates features of both IOS and Android. So, it will enable you to get as many apps as you may want. Meanwhile, it combines the comfort of home screen and easy play.

In a nutshell, there are many good Microsoft phones in Dubai coming up. Hold your heart and get on Crazy Deals.


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