Enliven your style with Microsoft phones in Dubai right now!

While there are already many choices of operating systems, technology geeks have become frustrated with similar designs and functions of the phone. Nowadays, there is a plethora of choices of smart phones – specified by similar designs and hackneyed features. If you are looking for some out of box phone such as Nonino Lamborghini, Microsoft phones in Dubai could prove to be niche devices for you. Since the launch of Lumia phones, Microsoft has conjured up excitement amongst tech followers. If you want to experience a unique phone, you are suggested to stay with us and learn about the latest smart phones.


Have you ever used a branded Microsoft phone before? Well, you will have been using phones just like iPhone or Blackberry. It is always good to give chance to other brands as well. It will improve competition and the world of smart technology will gallop towards better days of technology. Facing to future, Microsoft has launched many choices of the best brands so that everyone could enjoy the best technology. Here we will let you know about various Microsoft phones in Dubai which are not only affordable but they are also uniquely designed. Here the amazing phones are:

Microsoft Lumia 930 – It is irresistible to let you know about its features straightaway. While the phone is featured with 2.2 GHz of the processor, it gives a wonderful chance to users to avail a 2 GB of RAM. On top of that, do you remember that Microsoft always boasted of bringing a wonderful camera? Yes, this is the exactly the phone which is going to be specified by 20 mega pixels of back camera coupled with front camera of 5 mega pixels. The features do not end here but rather it is designed with an impressive 5.5 inches large display screen as well. So, there is every good reason to shop the best of best Microsoft phones in Dubai!

All those who complain about dearth of apps and games for windows phones, it is here brought in your kind knowledge that Microsoft is bringing windows 8.1 upgrade which replicates features of both IOS and Android. So, it will enable you to get as many apps as you may want. Meanwhile, it combines the comfort of home screen and easy play.

In a nutshell, there are many good Microsoft phones in Dubai coming up. Hold your heart and get on Crazy Deals.


BlackBerry Mobile Price In Dubai- The Battle to Win

Blackberry Mobile price in Dubai at crazydeals.com is sure to blow your mind when you get to witness massive discounts. The Q5 keyboard is not bad and will please most users. It is just less than the Q10. The Blackberry 10 OS features are the same on both devices. The multitasking is excellent, and you have access to all your information in one place. Although BlackBerry App World is not yet as huge as the stores of Apple and Android, it is constantly expanding and now offers thousands of applications, usually very well optimized to run on BlackBerry.


The battery offers good performance on the Q10 and Q5. During our test, we found that the Q10 could well hold a day’s heavy usage. A key difference between the two devices is the display. You will get a clear course and satisfactory outcome in both cases, but the Super AMOLED screen offers colors much richer with far more clear contrasts. The internal storage is great too and both models are a bit lighter at this level, although Q10 is of course at an advantage in this area. Ultimately, the choice between the two models will be based on a few key differences: the display, the materials, the general design and aesthetics, keyboard or storage. All this of course compared to the selling price of Blackberry Mobile price in Dubai.

Unquestionably the Blackberry Q10 tops this comparison, since it is the premium model. All the above mentioned parameters are better than on the Q5. We find also personally that design is more pleasant, but it is subjective. The Q5 remains a great device, and allows you to enjoy an investment BB10 half the size.  BlackBerry Messenger for Android has just been spotted on a Samsung Galaxy S3. Tech BGR website published pictures of what looks like the service on the Google OS. Except for the fact to see what it’s like BBM, details are scarce.

BlackBerry should also launch BBM for iOS along the version for Android. However, no specific date was given. The Canadian manufacturer had presented the BBM application designed to rival platforms in May during the BlackBerry Live conference. It is difficult to imagine that the Android device or iPhone owners are eager to benefit from BBM. This service, which has long been exclusive to BlackBerry’s operating system is just a new way to send messages to your friends. BlackBerry also reduced costs by using a polycarbonate shell. The result, of course without being at the height of Q10 remains quite enjoyable. Have you asked for best Blackberry Mobile price in Dubai?

Samsung Mobile: Make your Business Successful with a Smartphone

In what ways can you make your online business highly successful? What kind of electronic gadgets you need to stay abreast with online business trends? There was a time when people had no options and the only way of doing business was traditional in approach. With the advent of internet and Samsung mobiles at the best price in Dubai, the way people conduct business has changed drastically. Over the past few decades, business trends have completely changed because most of them are being operated online, using either a smartphone device or a laptop. In this blog, we are going to discuss as to how you can make your online business a huge success using a smartphone device.


A smartphone device has brought revolutionary changes to the way business is conducted these days. People having traditional businesses are now seriously thinking to go online and understand the technicalities of online business. Having a laptop device or a smartphone is very essential these days to operate an online business. One of the core benefits of having an online business is that it can easily be operated from the comfort of home without investing huge amount of money. An online business does not require a hefty amount of investment unlike a traditional business. With Samsung mobile, one can easily keep check on an online business.

It is easier to promote an online business using highly popular social mediums like Twitter or Facebook. Apart from that, customers can easily connect with the owner of the business through online chat. With a smartphone device like Samsung mobile, customers can easily send and receive emails. It is very important for the businessperson to keep a smartphone device so that he or she can easily connect with customers. It makes easier for the businesspersons to travel around easily. Since a laptop is not very convenient to take around while traveling, a smartphone device is the most recommend device for businesspersons.

A smartphone can also help people with an online business to spread awareness about their products or services using different social media websites.

Enliven your life with a Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai online!

Whereas there is an overwhelming number of smart phones available online, users and tech followers are not still happy and contented with the existing technology. Everyone is fed up with ht old and hackneyed types of smart phones. On top of that, today’s phones have similar features and specification. The design of the phone is also same. Since everyone is looking for some out of box design, the Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai has been launched at the same time. Unlike other phones, this brand has taken up the challenge to produce the best phones that you would never have seen before.

If you take a glance at the market, you will get to learn that there is no dearth of choices of smart phones launched into the market by various brands. If you want to avail any brand of phone, you can easily and conveniently get it. However, the important question is that whether or not it meets and panders to your requirements and needs. On top of that, those days are gone when people used to look for any phone. Since today’s generation is very demanding and stylish, they never tend to compromise on the personal accessories. In order to be the edge of fashion and technology, it is important to choose this top brand so that you could enjoy the invention. So, why don’t you get a Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai?

If you are passionate about keeping the latest things at your disposal, this is the best time to get hands on the branded phone. By choosing this phone, you will not only be able to enjoy the best style but it will also boost up your personality. Since affordable Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai is unlike other phones, it will make your personality visible and up on the edge. Aren’t you going to get it? Moreover, if you are in a Lamborghini, it will be embarrassing to be using Apple or Samsung phone. Therefore, you are suggested to discount Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai online.

As far as features, specs and price of the phone is concerned, it is packed in wonderful features and amazing specs. Plus, if you want to buy this phone, this is the best time to get hands on it because the price of the phone has been lowered as much as 7% off, so that you could shop for just 29999 AEDs instead of 32000 AEDs. It means that you can save a discount of 2001 at least.

Last but not least, this is the best time to get discounts on mobile price in Dubai by shopping it online on Crazy Deals. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy more than just a phone – Buy Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai online!

Over a decade, the world of technology has undergone rigorous ameliorations and modifications. If you rewind and go back in early twenty first century, you will come to know that technology was still going through tender age. All the way now, stunner designs coupled with various choices of specifications have been introduced. Technology has smitten and bittern everyone – you will spot every second person grabbing a smart device in their hands. Since human tends to like change due to philosophical and psychological make-up. After a decade of smart designs of branded phones, people are beginning to aspire for even better and unique technology. Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai has taken up the gauntlet to introduce such innovation.

When you look around, you get to learn that there are various brands of smart phones stretched between Samsung to Apple and still countless of them. These brands have manufactured some of the heart throbbing phones over and over again. However, some people argue that there has to be to a full stop to current designs of the phones. They are of the opinion that all brands end up flashing back with similar display screens and specifications. They have failed or ceased to strike sensual needs of the users and tech followers. Sticking to one type of design has left the tech savvy in the lurch. They are in pursuit of ostentatiously designed phones. This is where Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai drops in to bridge the gap.


Although LG has made excruciating efforts to fill up the vacuum created by dearth of innovation, there is still a grave hollow space to be filled with innovative technology. As all of you will be aware that LG has manufactured rollable or flexible designs, they are yet marred by lack of innovation. More or less, similar specs have been incorporated in the phones allowing for unprecedented design. In the race to introduce one new feature, most of the manufacturers seem to compromise on other features. Let us hope that these brands will stitch up all encompassing phones some day.

As far as Lamborghini is concerned, it has stirred up interest and fever amongst the tech savvy thanks to its athletic design. Unlike other brands, Lamborghini has devised a gadget that directly strikes peoples’ senses, setting tremors in their spines at very first look. Even Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai is expensive more than any other brand on the earth, tech enthusiasts are smitten and bitten in the cloak of curiosity to own it.

Last but not least, all those who are imbued with spirit to own a self explanatory smart phone are suggested to avail 7% off on Lamborghini mobile price in Dubai on Crazy Deals right now.

Variant on iPhone/Samsung Amplified Mobile Price in Dubai

The last quarter of 2014 was very difficult for Samsung, because Apple conquered with its new iPhone 6 and especially with not less than 75 million phones sold. The mobile price in Dubai for iPhone 6 currently falls at 2999 AED which can be easily bought from the mobile phone accessories online store in the UAE with free shipping.

Fortunately, Samsung’s history is not repeated in the first quarter 2015, particularly with the release of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. With the arrival of these two new products, Samsung too managed to sell 83 million phones between January and March 2015, a 24% market share. On the other hand, for Apple   “only” 61 million phones were sold in the same period, or 18% of market share.


Samsung has a reason to smile, because in addition to rising sales, the brand’s revenues are not that down. Samsung also put another point forward with their new range, prices. Samsung A3 is mobile price in Dubai is proposed at 769 AED via mobile phone accessories online store in the UAE. Technical side, the A3 and A5 share a Snapdragon Quad-Core 410 1.2GHz 64-bit, with an Adreno 306. Then, the A5 will have 2 GB of RAM and 1 GB of RAM in the A3 and 16 GB of storage in the A5 against 8GB storage in the A3. The Micro SD is available in both models. The wireless connections will be complete in both cases with the 4G LTE, but the imaging part is different, 5mp on the A3 MP and 8MP on the A5


Finally, the A5 will be 5.0 inches 720P, while the A3 remains 4.5 inches 960 x 540. Talking about the A7, we are on a basic Snapdragon 615. There is also 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage Micro SD + Two awesome cameras of 13MP and 5MP and connectivity that is complete with 4G. The slab is this time in 5.5 inch Full HD and boast a battery of 2600 mAh. The mobile prices in Dubai for these sets are worth it!

Fortune within a Dime to Buy Mobile Accessories in Dubai

We have entered the era where everything speedy race. There is nothing that is lacking to offer in terms of accessories for smart phones that we proudly own. To buy mobile accessories in Dubai, it is suggested to wander around the finest e-commerce store such as CrazyDeals that offers exclusive discounts and free shipping on a huge range of products. Make sure you spot and stop for the best place to buy top mobile accessories in Dubai. So how about power banks or dual USB chargers? Do you know how cool and effective they are? You can easily recharge your devices.


Finally, recently, we’ve see that a blooming demand for batteries for laptop have turned out to be massive. Fashion being the unibody particular, the user no longer has access to the battery, now imprisoned in the frame. Also, an external battery becomes an interesting tool. It favors the power port on the PC to which it is connected via adapters usually provided. This allows it to override the limitation of 5V supplied by USB and climb up voltages of 12, 14 or 19 volts, which has a direct impact on the charging time. You may choose to buy mobile accessories in Dubai for external memory.

The first element to consider is the list of compatible devices before you buy mobile accessories in Dubai, which is highlighted by the manufacturer of the external battery and rest of the requisite sources. If the device is listed, it’s all good. In the opposite case, we can reduce uncertainty by comparing the original charger from its device with the plug of the external battery. Just observe the intensity of the two devices to see if they work together.

What about the capacity of power charger? For that, we look at the energy of its battery and the external battery. Be aware that an external battery will not deliver all that energy in the charged device. Some will be lost during the operation. We call this energy loss.  In the end, we lose an average of 50% capacity. Also, to expect a full charge, it is necessary that the electric charge of the external battery (mAh) is greater than that of the Smartphone or tablet to load. Are you still in hunt of best place to buy top mobile accessories in Dubai?